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Why should I (the taxpayer) file my taxes at a car dealership?


Who is TRS Tax Max

An authorized IRS E-File provider, TRS Tax Max has been filing state and federal income tax returns for car buyers since 1995. Based in Tampa, Florida and with over 3,000 dealer-partners nationwide, TRS Tax Max has processed tens of thousands of tax returns throughout all 50 states.

Who is actually preparing the income taxes?

TRS Tax Max prepares the tax return. The car dealer is collecting the information needed for electronic filing.  Our secured, online program performs the tax calculations in order for the dealer to print the necessary forms.  Once the forms are signed by the taxpayer and faxed to TRS Tax Max, we actually double and triple check your information for accuracy as well as additional tax deductions, credits, and benefits before electronically filing the return.

How does the money get to the dealer so quickly?

Tax Refund Services boasts an overstaffed and no waiting policy for our local customers. This concept has been carried over to the TRS Tax Max program.  Customer service has always been our top priority, and expedient service is just one of the ways for us to cater to our customers.

What are the advantages to me, the customer?

Time. Instead of sitting and waiting in line to get your taxes prepared, the car dealer can collect your information in a matter of minutes.  Once forwarded to us, the electronic filing process begins.

Money. “Lower Fees = Larger Checks” TRS Tax Max is proud to offer some of the lowest fees of any national company.  We offer flat-rate pricing and do NOT charge for additional W-2 forms, dependents, itemized deductions, Earned Income Tax Credit preparation, Child Tax Credit preparation, nor many other forms and items that are often part of your tax return.  Since fees come out of the refund, our lower prices cause your tax check to be larger than if you were to go somewhere else.

Expertise. TRS Tax Max specialists perform multiple reviews of each tax return to ensure accuracy before electronic filing.  Rest assured that if there are any inaccuracies with your tax return, it will be corrected or we will contact you to verify any information.  TRS Tax Max works for you, the taxpayer, to get you the largest refund possible.